“… Authentic, devoted, engaging, accurately executed performance…” Zoltan Kocsis, pianist

“Danach folgte das Hauptwerk des Abends: das – wie ein barockes Concerto grosso angelegte – aber enorm anspielungsreiche, zeitgenössische Doppelkonzert für Klavier, Flöte, zwei Hörner und Streichorchester. Großartig agierten dabei die Solisten: Noémi Győri an der Flöte und die herrlich locker am Flügel parlierende und die Töne modellierende Katalin Csillagh.”

 Klaus Kalchschmid , Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Splendid in Liszt…”

Pablo Bardin, The Buenos Aires Herald

“…This is playing of such a high level with wonderful balance between depth and intellectual understanding on the one hand and sheer musicality, flair and technical strength on the other…”

Jenny Regher ,Toronto, The Glenn Gould School of The Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada

“Katalin Csillagh far excels other pianists at the start of their career. I have heard her play Grieg and Beethoven’s piano concerto in C major at the Academy of Music. On every occasion she enchants with the exquisite finesse of her sensitive playing.”

 Balázs Zay, Mai Magyar Kultúra

“Undoubtedly the best performance of the evening was given by Katalin Csillagh, the youngest participant and only woman to take the stage. She played the diverse and frequently opposing character and lush emotional range of Grieg’s piano concerto in A minor with full intensity and genuine empathy, and proved that a mature touch is not synonymous with lack of vitality. She riveted our attention throughout, without wavering for even an instant. From a technical viewpoint she was in total control of this difficult piece and, for the sake of a bravura rendition, she even dared to take risks, which I consider a true virtue. Katalin Csillagh – and this is important – is ready to take to the stage like a duck to water; the piano is her natural element.”

János Mácsai, Új Zenei Újság